Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sometimes, I'm proud of our church folks

When you work in ministry, you often get complaints.

Something wasn't done well, or right. People didn't help enough. Someone got saddled with all the work. Your theology is off. The music's too loud. We did things better back at my old church. We visited your church and you let us down.

This last one has always stumped me, mostly because I personally would never have the guts to write a pastor I didn't know and tell them their church is no good.

But such is life.

We got one of these the other week, and it was a stumper. The writer claimed they visited but had been ignored. The email was shared with church leadership, and as the week progressed, it became apparent that not only was this not the case, but that the person's family had been emailed, called on the phone, and even had coffee with folks from our church. What's more, each of these acts of friendship came from a different church person. And in addition, while some of the acts were by leaders, others came from our rank and file members.

What started out as a complaint turned into an affirmation of the many ways we are trying to reach out to our visitors.

We still haven't figured out why our actions seemingly have not been enough for this family, but at least we know our community is trying. I say, "Good for us."

Sometimes, we do get it right.

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