Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Family relationships in John

As an example of reading the Bible on your own as an adult, I'd like you to try this exercise, which I recently completed myself. It's from the book, Becoming God's Beloved in the Company of Friends, by Mary Pazdan.

Go through the Gospel of John, focusing on one thing: what John (and Jesus within this gospel) have to say about Jesus' relationship with the Father. Make some notes whenever you see a passage or verses that mention how they relate to each other.

•  What themes do you see mentioned multiple times?
•  What are some of the key features of their relationship?
•  How would you describe their relationship?

Then, when you see Jesus explaining how humans can become part of this relationship, take notes on:

•  What do humans have to do to join Jesus and the Father?
•  What benefits will humans have in the relationship?
•  What will be expected of humans in the relationship?

Now look through your notes. What conclusions do you come to about Jesus and the Father? About what salvation is all about? About what the gospel of John is about?

In a forthcoming post, I will share with you what I learned when I did this, how this has affected my walk with Christ, and why I am glad I continue to read the Bible as an adult.

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